TSADIK Foundation is a private family philanthropy created in the 90's to enhance human dignitv and joy on a global basis:
The foundation supports organizations and individuals who, mainly in emerging regions,work at reducing the suffering of people, and advance human rights & economic development.
The foundation promotes Arts & Culture, mainly in western societies, as weil as spinitual development, in accordance with the Jewish tradition and its relation to Israel.

As part of its Arts & Culture goal, Tsadik Foundation operates a contemporary art program under the name of Kadist Art Foundation, encouraging the contribution of the arts to society, conducting programs primarily with artists represented in its collection to promote their role as cultural agents. The Foundation also supports each year 3 fellows who initiated Arts and Culture projects to strengthen the social fabric of their community.


Tsadik’s board is comprised of members of the founding family and external experts in the various subjects directly relevant to the Foundation’s operations. Tsadik Foundation is domiciled in Zurich, Switzerland.

Tsadik conducts most of its philanthropic grant-making activity in close collaboration with several organizations (the “Umbrellas”) specializing in its focus areas. This operating model enables Tsadik members to leverage the local expertise of the Umbrellas’ field-based infrastructure, while engaging in a direct relationship with ultimate recipients of the grants, often grassroot non-profits.

Seeking sustainable solutions for its philanthropic priorities, the foundation favors approaches such as:

Ashoka identifies and invests in leading social entrepreneurs, men and women with system changing solutions for the world’s most urgent social problems

Breakdown of philanthropic grant-making

Since inception, the breakdown of Tsadik’s philanthropic grants (excluding its involvement in Kadist Art Foundation) has been the following:


For additionnal informations regarding the foundation, not including grants applications which are not received directly :

info(at)tsadik.org (Antispam precaution : replace (at) by @)

Tsadik Foundation