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enhance human dignity
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Mission statement

Mission Statement

TSADIK's founding family believes its philanthropy must aim at healing injustices and hardships affecting disadvantaged communities. The foundation focuses on regions of the world where the family has deeply felt connections, including in the Global South.
The cause of problems we seek to address can be social, economic or environmental: these diverse situations require adapted interventions, from grants to impact investments, from advocacy to direct services.
TSADIK favors grassroots and social entrepreneurs' initiatives, scalable projects that often leverage technology, and promoting the role of cultural agents as changemakers.



Tsadik’s board is comprised of members of the founding family and external experts in the various subjects directly relevant to the Foundation’s operations. Tsadik Foundation is domiciled in Zurich, Switzerland.

Tsadik conducts most of its philanthropic grant-making activity in close collaboration with several organizations (the “Umbrellas”) specializing in its focus areas. This operating model enables Tsadik members to leverage the local expertise of the Umbrellas’ field-based infrastructure, while engaging in a direct relationship with ultimate recipients of the grants, often grassroot non-profits.

Seeking sustainable solutions for its philanthropic priorities, the foundation favors approaches such as:​

  • Venture philanthropy, with a preference for fledgling non-profits, accountable causes with social impact that can scale-up or be replicated, with a consideration of cost vs benefit

  • The support of “social entrepreneur” who demonstrate their resolve and creativity in the pursuit of their social goals.

Ashoka (Switzerland) identifies and invests in leading social entrepreneurs, men and women with system changing solutions for the world’s most urgent social problems.

Euforia is a Swiss social enterprise which empowers people and unleashes their full changemaker potential.

Breakdown of philanthropic grant-making



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