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Combining market forces and philanthropy towards impact at scale on systemic world issues

We believes impact investments and technological innovations are powerful agents of social progress, both of them bringing  leverage to Tsadik’s undertakings:

  • Impact investment harness market forces in the pursuit of philanthropic goals, often relying on some degree of  technological differentiation

  • Technology enables new models of social innovation and their adoption at scale, as illustrated by opportunities created by the mobile phone penetration in developing economies

Since 2015, Tsadik has made a commitment to direct a growing portion of its endowment towards impact investment, starting by a participation in  6 leading impacts funds well aligned with its philanthropic mission

Elevar equity, investing in customer centric, scalable businesses providing essential services to large, disconnected communities

Quona Capital, investing in early and growth stage companies that improve access to financial services for underserved consumers and business in emerging markets. 

Berkeley Energy, investing in renewable energy projects (Wind, Solar, Hydro & Biomass) in South East Asia

Leapfrog EM Consumer Fund III, investing in high-growth, purpose-driven healthcare and financial businesses in Africa and Asia​

New Energy Capital, helping the clean energy transition in North America by investing in sustainable infrastructure assets with clear environmental impact

Unitus Livelihood Impact, investing in scalable businesses that improve the livelihoods of the working poor in Asia’s fastest growing economies

  • Purpose driven startups in leading global innovation centres

  • Social enterprises using technological innovation to serve the needs of disadvantaged populations, mainly in the Global South; this is an extension of the existing investment program in impact funds, through the direct investment in those enterprises

  • Tech-enabled NGO's within Tsadik's different programs, so as to improve their reach and effectiveness 

Addressing the technology angle, PHILTEK is a transversal program within Tsadik which looks to support entities leveraging emerging technologies for social good, including:

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