Tsadik’ founding family is attached to the idea of a vibrant Jewish culture and aspires to see Israel reach a situation of regional peace and internal harmony, including through a better inclusion of 
Palestinian-Israelis into the country’s civil society.

TSADIK Palestinian-Israeli



A fellowship is awarded annually by the Tsadik Foundation to three Palestinian-Israelis for their leadership role in one of three respective sectors : strengthening civil society, economic development, and arts & culture.

Program Goal 

To develop leadership and support role models in the Palestinian-Israeli community, to create more equal opportunities for Palestinians and Jews in Israel, and improve the integration of the Palestinian minority into the broader economic and social fabric of the country.

For more information about the programme, see attached document


New Israel Fund

fight for democratic change within Israel, social justice and equality for all Israelis

Israel Venture Network

Investing in entrepreneurship, the Israel Venture Network strives to promote sustainable social change in Israel

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